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8 Inch Anal Suction Cup Black Dildo Realistic Corn Sex Toys for Vaginal Penis with Anal Masturbation Sale

8 Inch Anal Suction Cup Black Dildo Realistic Corn Sex Toys for Vaginal Penis with Anal Masturbation

Our corn shaped dildo is made of high-quality PVC. It is easy to use and easy to clean.It can b..
$56.00 $45.99 Ex Tax: $45.99

$56.00$45.99 Ex Tax: $45.99

8 Inch Huge Black Anal Butt Plug for Women Men Classic Adult Sex Toy Sale

8 Inch Huge Black Anal Butt Plug for Women Men Classic Adult Sex Toy

The anal area, for both men and women, is sensitive and sexually arousing. mytoyfirst presents a bla..
$57.00 $49.00 Ex Tax: $49.00

$57.00$49.00 Ex Tax: $49.00

Realistic Octopus Tentacle Dildo Black  Animal Dildo for Women Sale

Realistic Octopus Tentacle Dildo Black Animal Dildo for Women

This is a giant octopus dildo, black color, realistic skin, and amazing texture, giving you an extra..
$64.00 $51.00 Ex Tax: $51.00

$64.00$51.00 Ex Tax: $51.00

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What is an anal toy?

Anal toys are sex toys that stimulate the anus, from small butt plugs to large, thick prostate massagers, and usually come with a base; anal sex toys without a base are somewhat dangerous. Anal sex toys come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Spherical anal toys are more common and allow the user to increase the arousal of masturbation by stimulating the anus. With anal toys, you can safely explore backdoor play. Anal play is a great way to explore your target G-spot and P-spot.

If you haven't used anal sex toys before, don't worry. Now is the perfect time to explore the sensitive parts of the body. Many of our anal toys are suitable for beginners and offer related tutorials on using anal sex toys safely and correctly.

How to choose an anal toy?

For beginners, it is important to choose the right size anal toy. A toy that is too big will hurt your sphincter and it is recommended to start with a small sex toy.

If you want to use the big toys at night, then practice the smaller ones first. you can use anal toys warming your partner up for penetration with their fingers before sliding inside.

Use toys with a flared base.

Sex toys without a flared base can get lost in the colon, make sure your sex toy comes with a flared base, nothing is more important than safety.

The first time you engage in anal play, you need to massage your anus and the surrounding sphincter with your hands.

Some people do not like to be penetrated, then you can choose to use your pointer finger, your partner's penis friction to warm up.

Types of anal toys

There are many anal toys, including anal beads, anal dildos, anal vibrators, butt plugs, and prostate massagers, and each anal toy has its advantages.

If you are a beginner, then anal beads are the ideal choice for you. These beads come in large and small sizes. We have vibrating anal beads and non-vibrating anal beads. You can choose the right one according to your preference.

Vibrating anal toys add a tingle from the rear to stimulate the male prostate gland and p spot.

The anal vibrator can achieve vibration and insertion, a combination of 2 ways, you can experience 2 wonderful sensations.

A butt plug or anal plug is perfect for beginners and veterans alike, it stretches your anus, and with some training, your anus can insert larger and longer sex toys, and you can wear butt plugs both at home and outdoors.

The butt plug is available in different sizes.

Some butt plugs have thicker heads, perfect for that filling sensation or anal training. Others have thinner necks, perfect for comfortable and extended wear as well as for someone who doesn’t care much about the sensation of dilation.

men anal toy

  • vibrator
  • butt plug
  • prostate stimulator

This is best for men, Enhance sexual stimulation! Specifically designed to enhance your pleasure during masturbation, foreplay, and sex!

How should I choose materials for my anal toys?

The best material is safe for the body. Anal toys come in a variety of materials, but you should know which ones are safe for your body? Here we will discuss how to choose the best materials for an anal sex toy.

  • PVC
  • Rubber
  • latex
  • jelly
  • silicone
  • ABS plastic
  • metals
  • glass
  • wood

PVC, rubber, latex, or jelly feel super bendable and amazing to the touch, But you should know that these materials are not safe for you, the chemicals used to make them are unstable and can produce toxic substances that can burn your body.

Cheap soft anal sex toys often contain phthalates - a chemical thought to have adverse effects on the reproductive system. It is used to soften the plastic in sex toys and make them porous.

ABS plastic, metals, glass, wood smooth, no toxic substances, no holes, easier to stimulate the P-spot and G-spot, these materials are all body-safe and pleasurable.

Glass anal butt plug looks sexy, Many women and men love it.

Magical material, silicone

silicone anal toys have several benefits:

  • More hygienic because they are easy to clean
  • Hypoallergenic so everyone can enjoy them
  • Transmit vibration well
  • Last longer, increasing the value of your investment and keeping them out of landfills

And another excellent feature of this material sex toy is to Give you a real feel, really great.

Even if the toy itself feels smooth and slick, always use lubricant and make sure the toy has a flared or T-shaped base or a looped handle to avoid shaking.

The benefits of anal sex toys

Anal sex toys usually come with a base. Then you can enjoy vaginal intercourse, anal intercourse, and oral intercourse at the same time. It can add extra stimulation, so anal sex toys are becoming more and more popular.

How to clean anal toys?

There are many ways to clean anal sex toys, and most of them are simple. Which method you need to use, however, depends on the material used in your sex toy. This will be one of two categories, porous materials or non-porous materials. 

You can find 20 Best Anal Sex Toys in Mytoyfirst store, Find the top 200 most popular items in My toy first Shop.

anal play

Anal play is a form of self-pleasure, so anal sex toys are well worth the investment, The anus is a special organ of your body, and you can't treat it the same way you treat the vagina.

Why is anal play pleasurable?

Because there are a lot of sensitive nerve endings around the anus, and these nerve endings can receive tiny stimuli to excite your brain, so your anus is a stimulation point.

The first time anal sex will be a little painful, do not doubt that you are doing it wrong, this is the real feeling, the first time their own body was penetrated, of course, a little pain, forget the pain, soon you will find that being penetrated is the perfect experience.

If you use a lubricant, you may even find no pain. You may even experience an anal orgasm as the G-spot and erectile tissue inside are perfectly stimulated.

You can choose from a variety of toys, such as a dildo, Try a G-spot dildo to access this sensitive area.

Best Anal Sex Positions To Try

Anal sex is recommended, This means of intercourse helps to relax the sphincter and stimulate the G spot or P spot.

For beginners, it takes some practice to find the right position for intercourse, you can try all the positions you can think of and know to discover the position that makes you and your partner comfortable.

Once you have discovered the perfect position, you will love anal sex.

What are you waiting for, start your journey of discovery.

add lots of lube to your play

Remember that the rectum does not produce its own lubrication, so be sure to use plenty of lube before sex. We recommend using a thick, cushioned lube, which retains moisture and allows you to feel no pain and do not use desensitizing gels or creams, which act like anesthetics and make it impossible to know if you are hurting your partner.

Before attempting penetration, Don't forget to use lube the first time you have anal sex.

Lube, experience, and posture. With these three things, anal shouldn't hurt, whether you're new to it or not.

How to choose lubricants?

There are many types of lubricants, and before you use them, you need to understand the characteristics of each one.

Lubes come in a variety of bases:

  • water
  • silicone
  • oil
  • hybrid, combining a few of the above

Blended lubricants, usually a mixture of water and silicone.


Known as a "multi-purpose" lubricant that can be used in all sexual situations, water-based lubricants can also be used safely with latex and non-latex condoms.

This lubricant is popular because it reduces friction, does not stain your sheets, is easy to get on your skin, and washes off easily in water.


Silicone-based lubricant - This lubricant lasts longer than other lubricants and is usually safe to use with condoms.

Where to buy an anal sex toy?

Don't worry, Our collection of butt toys comes in all shapes and sizes, mytoyfirst shop offers anal toys in different shapes and sizes on the market for you to choose from. Our shop is regularly updated with the latest anal toy product for partner.No matter what kind of anal play you love, We offer a large selection of adult toys to make your sex life better.

We offer Sexy anal sex toy trainer kits for beginners and advanced users, Body-safe Material, comfortable to wear, And offer Anal Sex Toy Set with Suction Cup.

Backdoor games often use a kit, and we offer a wide range of kits for you to choose from.

If you're feeling a little hesitant about trying anal sex, Mytoyfirst shop can help you.

We offer sex toys all you need. Listen to your body. If you're really worried or you're going big with your anal play.

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