About Us

Welcome to The Mytoyfirst Shop

Welcome, so glad you're here! The dedicated team behind The Mytoyfirst Shop has been working in the sex toy industry since 2010, and moved to a full online presence back in 2013. By moving operations online, we've expanded visibility across the USA instead of just our local hometown. The Mytoyfirst Shop is a woman owned & operated online sex shop based in Mt.Laurel, New Jersey.

Why are we Awesome?

The Mytoyfirst Shop is awesome because of our vast experience working with sex toys - we know what's good and what's not. Over the years, we've developed tremendous knowledge on everything related to the Mytoyfirst industry.

The online catalog does not have the biggest selection. In fact, you'll probably find our selection is smaller than everyone else's, but this is on purpose - we stock the good stuff only! In our opinion, there's no need to overwhelm the customer with several of the same thing, that makes shopping too confusing.

We Make Sex FUN!

We've been happily married to our husbands for years and all felt the funk of a stale relationship. It happens to everyone eventually, but there's no need to let the spark fizzle.

We firmly believe that incorporating sex toys into your regular sex life is the best way to keep it lively, fun and interesting. They are called “sex TOYS” for a reason. It's time to have FUN!

Real Descriptions, Real Experience

Our team personally wrote every single product description here. Before adding sex toys to the catalog, we touch, bend, squeeze, activate, lubricate, examine and sometimes try the toy.

This hands-on approach is the only way we can write a description that accurately describes the product. We also have a tape measure in hand because it's important to know accurate measurements.

As for men's sex toys, our husbands are the testers and if they're up for giving it a try, they report to us what they thought. Thanks guys!